IRI Featured in G20 Interfaith Forum and Recommendation to G20 Osaka Summit

Above: IRI Special Advisor Bishop Gunnar Stålsett presented the Interfaith Rainforest Initiative during the Planet Working Session “Religious Calls to Protect Rainforests: No Climate Solution without Tropical Forests: A Compelling Call to Action” during the G20 Interfaith Forum in Tokyo in June. Credit: Religions for Peace

Tokyo, Japan

In June 2019, 200 prominent religious leaders from around the world convened in Tokyo to discuss pressing global issues and deliver policy recommendations to the leaders of the G20 Osaka Summit. The Interfaith Rainforest Initiative featured strongly in the program, with participation of IRI Special Advisor Bishop Gunnar Stålsett and IRI Global Steering Committee Members Dr. William Vendley of Religions for Peace and Rev. Fletcher Harper of GreenFaith. Rainforest protection was prioritized in the top policy recommendations delivered on behalf of the participants to H.E. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, host of the G20 meeting, who recognized the key importance of partnerships among religious, indigenous and local actors. More coverage on this meeting can be found here.


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